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About Us

Hello my name is Cheryl, I have always had a passion for horses and nature. I started out with a pony at the age of 10 and I have owned and worked around horses every since.  I have worked for trainers at race tracks in MD and WV. I've also worked on breeding and training  farms.   In 1997 I decided to buy my own farm and start a boarding/lesson facility which I operated for over 18 years.  I cared for many different breeds of horses and made a lot of friends (two legged and four legged) in those years and I thoroughly enjoyed ever minute of it.

My Partner 

In 2010, I met my soul mate (Robert) who also loves animals and nature. We decided to spent some time traveling, we enjoy camping/hiking/biking/kayaking in different areas.  Within a few years we found Greenbrier County WV and fell in love with the beauty and ambiance of the area.

Cheryl and Brooke owner and operator of CB Ranch.

Our Move to WV.


In 2015 we sold the farm in Maryland and moved to the beautiful mountains of WV where we bought a 100+ acre farm and brought our older horses/ponies with us. We thought it would be a nice home for other retired horses as well, so in 2017 we have decided to open our farm up for other horses to come join us in this beautiful terrain. This area is a wonderful place for people to retire but it is also a awesome place for horses to retire as well. Country life just can't be beat with the mountains, open pastures, forest, fresh air, clean water, etc. I could go on and on.

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